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Chloé Love - Scent Spray Volume 75 ml

Chloé Love - Scent Spray Volume 75 ml
Chloé Love - Scent Spray Volume 75 ml
Brand: Chloé
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Love is a sophisticated and delicate fragrance inspired by the intimate inner beauty. It expresses all the wonderful ingredients that are used in parfumérství. Light powdery floral scent with a sensual awakening blend with musk and a touch of powder. You will feel as if you gentle breeze wafted. The head blends orange flower with a cool touch of pink pepper, which adds scent temperament and modernity. The skin will shine elegance hidden in the heart of the fragrance, in which iris flirts with floral notes of which are interconnected: lilac, hyacinth and vistérie. Flower chord raises heliotrope and its charm will enchant you with almonds and vanilla tones. The base is woven together with musk talc and rice powder. The slim silhouette of the bottle perfectly thin glass, which is inspired by ancient perfume, flirting with stronger metal parts made of pink gold. Beige-pink color palette reflects powdery entire series. The final touch creates a thin gold chain encircling the neck of the bottle and finely engraved name fragrances. The market was launched in 2010 About this smell will tell you more of our magazine.

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